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Keep putting off another attempt to stop nail biting?

Friday, July 07, 2023

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Keep putting another attempt off?

Keep putting off the idea of having another attempt to stop nail biting? Of course you do, it’s human nature!

Why would you want to have another attempt to stop biting your nails when all your past attempts have been unsuccessful and it probably felt uncomfortable?

After all we bite our nails because we want to feel better and we all know from past experience, that dealing with urges feels terrible. When we feel terrible we want to nibble - catch 22.

To successfully change any habit we cannot look to our past. The past doesn’t have the answers. If our past could tell us how to make the change, we would have already made the change. So we need to look to the future. It’s in our future that we accomplish our desired goal of stopping nail biting.

Spend time visualising your beautiful hands and nails. Really picture the image clearly in your mind. Do not entertain all the objections your brain is coming up with. Your brain will object and that is normal. However, you do NOT have to listen to anything your brain is telling you. You can dismiss all those negative thoughts. Teach your brain to be future focussed instead of coming up with all the reasons why this won’t be a good idea. We are always up against the ancient part of our brain, which really does not like change. It is hardwired into our default programming. Your brain just wants to keep doing what is familiar.

Your brain will remind you how awful the urges felt and how powerless and helpless you felt in the face of a full blown urge. The intensity and unpleasantness of urges are largely the reason you have failed previously. I get it, having gone round and round that mountain for 50+ years!

Doing the same thing over and over does not lead to a different result. You've figured that out and this is partly why you are reluctant to give ending nail biting another go.

But what if there is a different way to end nail biting? What if it’s possible to extinguish the urges instead of endlessly enduring them? The reason urges feel so bad is because you are resisting them. Using willpower is using resistance. This is not the way to end nail biting. What you resist persists.

When you get skillful at allowing urges they pass through in around 90 seconds. It is possible to fully extinguish those urges so that future you will not have to experience the urge to bite your nails, ever again.

On the other side of nail biting is a world where every glimpse of your hands creates a feeling of pride and accomplishment, rather than embarrassment and shame. Conquering the habit frees up so much more head space. Lifts a weight off your shoulders. You develop greater self-confidence. You start to trust yourself again. You build the 'muscle' of resilience. You wonder what else you might be capable of accomplishing?

If you are thinking thoughts such us 'this is too hard', 'I've never been able to do it before', 'I am too weak' then of course you are going to feel weak, hopeless, fearful. Those feelings just lead to inaction and endlessly putting off even seriously thinking about ending your nail biting habit.

You will never end the habit if you keep putting it off. Tomorrow never comes. There is only ever NOW.

My approach is new and different and does not require willpower or resistance at all. My program demystifies urges in a way that takes all the power out of them.

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I ended my 50+ year nail biting habit, after 5 decades of miserably trying and failing. I now teach and coach clients to permanently end nail biting too.

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