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 It IS Possible to End Nail Biting Permanently - surprisingly Resisting Urges is not Required ! 

Want to stop
nail biting 

- but you've already tried everything, nothing works and you are painfully stuck.

Chances are you've tried a variety of products, whilst also using willpower to resist urges. It's what we all do. I did it for 5 decades! It's somehow the 'accepted' method we all adopt.

So, trying again with another product - but whilst still using willpower to resist urges - is unlikely to work. How many times have you already proved this method does not work for you? It's the method that's wrong, not you.   

I finally figured out HOW to stop nail biting after 50+ years.
Success did not involve the misery of resisting urges or more willpower.
Applying proven cognitive behavioural techniques and the science    behind habits is what worked - it worked for me and continues to work for the adult nail biters I coach.

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Do you know why you bite your nails - the real root causes? Most clients don't. But understanding why is important in ending a habit you no longer want. I explain 3 of the root causes in my free pdf guide.

If you are an adult who has bitten your nails for 10+ years.......
tried everything but nothing seems to work........ repeatedly bite because of being triggered by anxiety, stress, boredom, frustration……and really want to stop nail biting..... then welcome, I can help you.

I'm a Life Coach for Adult Nail Biters and have a program to help you to discover what's really holding you back from ending nail biting.  

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FREE pdf Guide 

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3 reasons you can't
stop biting your nails

learn about 3 of the ROOT causes

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Hi I'm Ann Barton

I finally figured out HOW to stop biting my nails, having failed repeatedly for 50+ years.   

Turns out there was NOTHING WRONG with me. The only thing wrong was the method I been using. And it's probably the same method you use! I'd try yet another product, then resist urges with willpower. This inevitably resulted in failure, eroded my fragile confidence further, increased my shame and misery, which left me feeling totally hopeless.

Then I retrained as a Certified Life Coach learned the science of habits and how our brains work. By applying this knowledge to nail biting I came up with a simple, do-able plan and stopped nail biting within 30 days. Amazingly this also ended urges and extinguished all the desire to chew my nails, permanently. Additional benefits of doing this were - I regained my confidence, self-esteem, feel so proud of my hands that I no longer have to hide them AND have changed my relationship with anxiety, stress and boredom.    

Ann has proved it doesn't matter how old you are or how long you've been biting your nails for - it is possible to stop for good, when you know how. She has helped clients succeed aged 18 to 66 years old. Has a passion to help fellow nail biters end the misery of this habit and has a proven method that gets to the root causes...............

Are you a life long nail biter?


Do YOU want to go from bitten nails...........

To unbitten nails like Nikki did in 6 weeks

  • Do you feel like... you just can't stop biting your nails?
  • Do you think... you've tried everything and nothing works?
  • Are you frustrated that... feelings of anxiety, stress, boredom, frustration etc sabotage your hard won progress every time.
  • And when it comes down to it, do you... secretly think that you don't have enough willpower and there must be something wrong with you?

  • The good news is:
  • There is nothing wrong with you - all that's wrong is the method you've been repeatedly using. 
  • No-one, so far, has shown you the actual root causes of nail biting - when you understand the real causes, you gain authority. 
  • ​You do not lack willpower or need to resist urges - learn a different process which extinguishes urges fast.
  • Your brain is working perfectly - it just has the wrong instructions, the incorrect ones you learned as a child.


Proven Outcomes

"Ann’s coaching is great! From my first session I didn’t bite my nails anymore. As the course progressed, I gained the confidence to believe I could have beautiful nails and now I do.
Now I am proud of my nails and no longer feel negative or self-conscious about them. And I no longer have any desire to put my fingers in my mouth to start biting.
Ann’s knowledge and encouragement helped me understand how I’d previously been holding myself back. It works!"

NIKKI H, Japan

"Working with Ann was so insightful and helpful! Together we figured out where my nail-biting and nail-picking habit likely began and how it continued to grow throughout my lifetime. We were able to uncover some thinking patterns and behavior patterns that contributed to my habit. Once I became aware of my habit, we were able to dig into some underlying thought processes that I never would have been able to do on my own. Now when I see these thoughts popping up, I am aware that they're just old thought patterns that I can choose not to believe any more.
My nails look amazing, I have almost no desire to bite my nails and much less desire to pick at the skin around my nails. I have the freedom to not hide my hands and nails any more."


I am not a nail biter anymore. I know that now. Thanks to Ann, I now understand that my brain learned as a child to implement a self-soothing behaviour that I have never been able to unwire.  
I have had such a profound shift in thinking, and I am so indebted to Ann for teaching me to think this way. I will continue seeing Ann for the time being because it’s so wonderful having someone to share this journey with – someone who has been there, knows the depths of the frustration, and cares so much for your personal growth. Six weeks ago, I didn’t even understand what I was up against. I was lost in myriad false reasons and solutions for nail-biting. But now, for the first time, I feel confident that this is the end of nail biting for me because I know what I have to do.

And if I can let go of nail biting, what else can I let go of that is holding me back? What a genuinely exciting prospect.


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FREE pdf Guide

Click The Pink Button Below And Give Me Your Best Email Address To Get Your Copy Of:

3 reasons you can't
stop biting your nails

3 of the ROOT Causes

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