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'3 reasons you can't stop biting your nails'

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An Exclusive Guide on what perpetuates your Nail Biting Habit

"3 Reasons You Can't Stop Nail Biting" - 3 of the root causes

Before nails 1st Jan

Nikki's Nails 1st Jan 

After nail 9th Feb

Nikki's Nail natural growth 9th Feb - after 6 weeks

Do you secretly think you'll never be able to stop nail biting?
Dread another attempt - yet feel so ashamed you're desperate to stop?
Have no idea why urges have such power over you - to end up drawing blood?
Find anxiety and stress derail your best attempts every time?
Think there must be something wrong with you?

You are not alone in thinking this. 

Learn from someone who figured out how to permanently stop nail biting after 50+ years of trying and failing. Would you like results like Nikki's after 6 weeks? 

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  • ​The 3 main reasons you've never been able to permanently end nail biting ​
  • Why nail biting feels so good in the moment and why it's so hard to stop with just 1 nail.
  • ​​The link between anxiety, stress, boredom etc and nail biting.
  • ​How a Pathway in your brain sabotages your best intentions.
  • ​T​he only thing broken is​ the method you've been using up to now.
  • ​Only when you know what the obstacles are​ does it become possible to stop nail biting.

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